Wednesday Evening Special

No Corkage Tonight

Bring your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy with any of our great dishes..better yet, e-mail Chef Jeff or call and he’ll pair your bottle with a special dish or create a menu for you and your friends….

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Terra Catering

If you enjoy the farm to table approach we offer in the restaurant, you should check out our full service catering! We offer catering for delivery or pick up, and on-site for...

• Weddings
• Private Events
• Corporate Events

Our catering team is committed to helping you plan and execute an event your guests will always remember! We create customized menus, arrange rentals, and offer day-of coordination.

Click the Catering tab above to learn more about our catering services and contact us about your upcoming event!

Chef's Corner

Making Stocks the Classical Way

Maintaining the proper ratio of bones to water is crucial for making an excellent-quality stock. For beef, veal, poultry, or game stocks, here’s the basic rule of thumb: To make 1 gallon of stock, use 8 pounds of bones, 6 quarts of water, 1 pound mirepoix and 1 standard bouquet garni. It is important to combine the bones with cool water and bring the water slowly to a boil, but then to reduce the heat
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